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Pattern strap with thread color not in pattern ......................... Pattern strap with matchy thread color

You can have your Camera Strap Embroidered if you choose. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Decide what you want to embroider and how many characters.
  2. Decide where you want the embroidery placed. (center, one end, both ends).
  3. Choose your thread color and font

(all customization options, including embroidery is available through drop down menus within the product description).

Click HERE to view Thread Colors
Click HERE to view Fonts

Please use the links below to view some examples:

Embroidery on Solids
Embroidery on Patterns

Tips for choosing the Best Embroidery

  • To get the best possible results, we suggest embroidering a solid color strap. Patterned straps can be too busy and it may become hard to read the embroidery.
  • Try using a thread color that coordinates with your strap color. Using a matching strap and thread color will usually cause the embroidery to be less visible.
  • If you have a busy pattern on your strap a thick font is the best choice for optimum visibility. Narrow fonts look best on solid colored straps where they can be easily seen
  • Some fonts may not be legible in all caps or some letters may not appear correct but that is just the font. Be sure you know what your letters will look like. If you are unsure about your font, your best bet is to e-mail us and request a simulated stitch proof. At this time our proofs only show your words in the font you choose, we are unable to shows fonts overlaid on particular patterns. If you are worried about the visibility of your requested font, just contact us by e-mail and our design department will help guide to the best choice. Double check your text for accuracy, we embroider the text exactly as we receive it. We are not responsible for customer typos.
  • Contrasting colors provide optimum visibility for embroidery. Avoid using dark embroidery thread on dark patterns or light on light.
  • If you must have matching colors, we recommend choosing a chunky or bold style font to help the embroidery stand out a little more.
  • We ask that you refrain from adding comments like: You choose what you think looks best. We cannot be held responsible if you don't like our choice. It's always better to email us before you order to ask questions.
  • Don’t forget, embroidered or otherwise personalized items are not eligible for return or exchange.
  • Please review our “Examples” page to help you get a better idea of what's right for you.

We are flexible with embroidery so if you have a certain font in mind, email us and we will let you know if we have it. We can also use up to two different embroidery thread colors to help create the look you want